Eden Ward , Lambeth Hospital

Eden ward seclusion room refurbishment, Lambeth Hospital

Completed June 2021

South London and Maudsley NHS Trust

Theobald’s were awarded another project in the trusts seclusion room upgrade programme for refurbishment to the room within Eden Ward, Lambeth Hospital.

The works firstly required the formation of a nurses office created, due to this changed to the seclusion room. This included new benching, decorating, access control and minor ventilation works.

The second and main part of the works included the refurbishment of the seclusion room and dirty utility room. This included strip out of the existing rooms, including walls, existing washrooms and all fixtures and fittings. Formation of new walls to form observation room in structural steel clad in ply, with resin wall finishes to the walls and floors throughout. New heavy duty vision panels to the room, new secondary glazed panels for service access by the trust, installation of anti ligature doorsets, IPS units, full electrical installation including new sound system, lighting and access control. Full installation of ventilation and a/c for use within both rooms, installation of new washroom items, new MF ceilings throughout and decorations. The project also required the installation of specialist daylight light fitting within the ceiling and specialist film to the external windows.

Due to this project being on a live ward it had its challenges, but was successfully delivered for the trusts use.

Hazelwood Close Care Unit Refurbishment

Close Care Unit Refurbishment, Hazelwood Unit

Completed March 2021

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

This project was completed at the Memorial hospital site for the trust and involved the internal refurbishment of the unit to form a new close care unit, new bedroom and ensuites and new accessible bathroom.

This project commenced early 2020 and involved the phased refurbishment to various areas in the unit, which included forming new blockwork partitions to form new dividing walls to the ensuites, full M&E installations to each room, flooring including both vinyl and resin, new Britplas windows, Kingsway doorsets, decorating and new anti ligature IPS units. 

This project was unfortunately hit with several long delays due to the covid pandemic, with the unit stopping all works for several months during the first lockdown, as well as various short term delays throughout the remainder of the programme.  

Bethlem Chapel

Chapel Refurbishment, Bethlem Hospital

Completed March 2021

South London and Maudsley NHS Trust

This project was completed at the Bethlem Royal Hospital site for the trust and involved the internal and external refurbishment of the chapel which was suffering from years of disrepair. 

There were several challenging aspects of this project,  one mainly being the element of repair required to the ceiling of the chapel that was severely water damaged, the curve of the ceiling made access difficult but this was over come to enable safe and practical working conditions.

Works included the refurbishment of the existing bell and tower, we managed to locate the company that originally made the bell, and they refurbished it to an excellent standard.

Scaffolding was erected to complete the works required to make the roof watertight to prevent any further damage, this included replacement of Spanish style roof tiles, flat roof renewals and leadwork repairs. Once the roof works were completed a full external redecoration was completed to bring the building back to its original condition. 

Fire Safety Works 2020 – Various Schools

Fire Safety Works 2020 – Various Schools

July 2020 – Ongoing

Potential in Everyone Academy Trust, Graveney Primary School and Warden House Primary School

Theobald’s were awarded 5 projects in June 2020 to complete the fire safety works to 5 different schools in Kent, these include the following :

Potential in Everyone Academy Trust

Borden Primary School, Borden
Bredgar Primary School, Bredgar
Th Oaks Primary School Sittingbourne

Warden House Primary School, Deal

Graveney Primary School, Faversham

Due to the late instructions, some works are still ongoing within the schools during the half terms, but the majority of the works were completed during summer 2020.

The works throughout all the schools mainly involved the replacement of various fire doorsets through the school, new fire alarm systems or upgrade to the existing, removal of ACMs to areas of work, new fire rated partitions, fire rated pvc windows, fire rated secure cupboards, emergency lighting and various fire stopping to existing partitions and service penetrations. Other works included new canopies to The Oaks School.

All doors were installed by a BM Trade Q Mark carpenter for full certification.

Due to the late awarding of the works in June, all doors were on order within sufficient time to be installed in the during the summer break.

IAPT Admin Block

IAPT Admin Block Refurbishment, Bethlem Hospital

Completed February 2021

South London and Maudsley NHS Trust

This project was completed at the Bethlem Royal Hospital site for the trust and involved the refurbishment of a vacant building into the new relocated office space for the IAPT department.

We were awarded these works through the trusts procurement processes and the works mainly included the stripping out of all fixtures, fittings, flooring and ceilings tiles to ground and first floor areas. New vinyl flooring was installed throughout, decorating, new ceiling tiles to hallways and the refurbishment of all WCs too suitable anti ligature standards, complete with new whiterock. New worktops installed to selected offices, installation of new reception screen/counter and partitions to form new office/storeroom areas. Various fixtures and fittings were installed throughout all offices and WCs to complete the areas ready for occupation by the staff.