Fire Safety Works 2020 – Various Schools

Fire Safety Works 2020 – Various Schools

July 2020 – Ongoing

Potential in Everyone Academy Trust, Graveney Primary School and Warden House Primary School

Theobald’s were awarded 5 projects in June 2020 to complete the fire safety works to 5 different schools in Kent, these include the following :

Potential in Everyone Academy Trust

Borden Primary School, Borden
Bredgar Primary School, Bredgar
Th Oaks Primary School Sittingbourne

Warden House Primary School, Deal

Graveney Primary School, Faversham

Due to the late instructions, some works are still ongoing within the schools during the half terms, but the majority of the works were completed during summer 2020.

The works throughout all the schools mainly involved the replacement of various fire doorsets through the school, new fire alarm systems or upgrade to the existing, removal of ACMs to areas of work, new fire rated partitions, fire rated pvc windows, fire rated secure cupboards, emergency lighting and various fire stopping to existing partitions and service penetrations. Other works included new canopies to The Oaks School.

All doors were installed by a BM Trade Q Mark carpenter for full certification.

Due to the late awarding of the works in June, all doors were on order within sufficient time to be installed in the during the summer break.