Bethlem Chapel

Chapel Refurbishment, Bethlem Hospital

Completed March 2021

South London and Maudsley NHS Trust

This project was completed at the Bethlem Royal Hospital site for the trust and involved the internal and external refurbishment of the chapel which was suffering from years of disrepair. 

There were several challenging aspects of this project,  one mainly being the element of repair required to the ceiling of the chapel that was severely water damaged, the curve of the ceiling made access difficult but this was over come to enable safe and practical working conditions.

Works included the refurbishment of the existing bell and tower, we managed to locate the company that originally made the bell, and they refurbished it to an excellent standard.

Scaffolding was erected to complete the works required to make the roof watertight to prevent any further damage, this included replacement of Spanish style roof tiles, flat roof renewals and leadwork repairs. Once the roof works were completed a full external redecoration was completed to bring the building back to its original condition.