Oasis Academy Sholing, Southampton

Various works at Oasis Academy Sholing, Southampton.

Roof repairs project, food tech – Completed October 2022

Lintel replacement and new windows – Completed December 2023

Oasis Community Learning

Theobald’s were first awarded the roof repairs project to the food tech building. Previously installed by another contractor, after a short while several issues were raised which was not completed which caused further water ingress to the roof void.

The works included removal of power and data cables to the existing parapet and re installation onto new cable trays on the roof itself, including upgrading of the cables for modernization purposes. Boxing in of parapets in ply and new felt roof coverings to match existing roof, vents to the roof itself and de watering works to remove excess rainwater accumulated within the roof void. These works also required a new underground service duct to be installed between two buildings for the power and data, which had to be completed at the weekend due to it being in a high trafficked area of the school.

Following successful completion of this project, Theobald’s were awarded the lintel replacement works to various lintels within the main part of the school. This involved the total replacement of some lintels, installation of new lintels under existing, installation of new cavity trays and all associated making good to brickwork. Due to the intrusive nature of these works, replacement aluminum windows and doors were also installed to all windows with new lintels, as well as various other rooms on the same elevation to update the building.

These works have led onto various smaller projects on the site, such as resurfacing of the side access road and installation of fire rated windows and doors to the existing food tech classrooms.