1st and 2nd Floors, LSEC Bromley

1st and 2nd floor strip out, LSEC Bromley

Completed July 2023

London South East Colleges

Theobald’s were awarded these works in early 2023, to fully strip out and demolish the internal areas to the 1st and 2nd floors to one wing of the main building at LSEC Bromley campus. This was to prepare the site for future major works by others.

These works started with a full asbestos strip out to both floors including floor bitumen, pipe lagging and artex. Specialist removal of chemicals from existing college chemical stores. The main works included the full strip out and demolition of dividing brick/block partition and ply walls, floor coverings, all fixtures and fittings, timber framed ceilings, glazing and any fixed furniture such as lab equipment. The works also included the full strip out and isolation of all electrical fittings back to the distribution board, removal of all existing ventilation and a/c including fume cupboards, relocation of fire alarm to accommodate new temporary layout and strip out of plumbing, drainage and gas.

Although a mainly strip out contract, there was some making good such as roof repairs following removal of vents for fume cupboards, running of new power for power to central lifts, reinstating stairwell lighting, installation of temporary lighting to both floors and installation of temporary distribution boards.

This project was challenging in that it was completed in a live college environment, with noise disruption having to be kept at a minimum at times due to exams etc. External access was provided to each floor via scaffold, along with a goods lift for all waste removal.